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Mud & Lime

A Thannal Initiated Construction Wing

"Thannal's Construction Wing addresses urban and reverse migrant's construction challenges with innovative solutions."

About Us & Team


At Mud and Lime, we are passionate advocates for sustainable and natural building practices. Our journey is deeply rooted in the wisdom of Thannal, the pioneer in Indian natural building. With a commitment to preserving and respecting the environment, we specialize in the art of natural building using indigenous technologies, including lime and plant admixtures. Our mission at Mud and Lime is to harmonize modern living with the age-old wisdom of natural building. We aim to create spaces that are not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly. Through our work, we seek to promote the use of sustainable materials and methods to build a greener, healthier future.

Ar.Prakash - Principal Architect

Ar. Prakash

Principal Architect

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Ar. Dharan Ashok

Chief Architect

Ar. Biju Bhaskar - Thannal Founder

Ar. Biju Bhaskar


Turnkey Projects

We practice and promote traditional natural building techniques that incorporate materials like lime, earth, and plant-based additives to be applied to modern times with innovation. These time-honored methods result in homes and structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also energy-efficient and sustainable.

Turnkey Projects: Our team specializes in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for your natural building needs. From concept to completion, we manage all aspects of your project, ensuring that your vision for a sustainable structure becomes a reality. Our turnkey services include site analysis, design, material sourcing, construction, and project management. At Mud & Lime, we stand out because of our unwavering commitment to preserving the environment, fostering local traditions, and building structures that nurture both people and the planet. Our unique approach, inspired by the wisdom of Thannal, ensures that each project we undertake is a testament to sustainable living.

01 / Design

Our comprehensive design services encompass every aspect of your project, from conceptual plans to 3D modeling, structural solutions, and more. Our experienced team works closely with you to create a customized and sustainable blueprint. We consider your preferences and the natural surroundings to ensure a harmonious design that minimizes environmental impact.

02 / Structure

Our expertise extends beyond design to encompass the entire construction process. We provide project management and site supervision, overseeing all aspects from material selection to labor coordination. Our focus on natural building methods ensures that your structure not only stands the test of time but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

03 / Finishes

We pay meticulous attention to the details that make your space truly special. Our finishing touches include natural and eco-friendly materials that add character and sustainability to your project. From flooring to painting, we ensure every aspect aligns with our commitment to environmental consciousness.

Techniques We Use

Foundation, Plinth & Plinth Beam

  1. Dry Rubble Masonry

  2. RR Masonry with Mud, Mud and lime, Lime Mortars

  3. Plinth Beam using stone slabs and Bamboo reinforced limecrete

Wall Systems

  1. Stone Masonry/Burnt bricks

  2. Cob

  3. Adobe

  4. Wattle and daub

  5. Shuttered Cob

  6. Wattle and Cob

  7. Rammed earth

  8. Earthbag

  9. Compressed Stabilised Mud Blocks

Roofing Techniques

  1. Mangalore Tile Roof

  2. Flat mud roof

  3. Adobe Roof

  4. Hourdi Roof

  5. Limecrete Roof

  6. Madras Terrace roof

  7. Rothak Dome

  8. Vaults & Dome Roof


  1. Mud pLasters

  2. Lime Plasters

  3. Clay Plasters/Lime wash

  4. Chettinad Lime Plaster

  5. Thappi/Lohi/Araish Plaster

  6. Tamil Nadu Vajram Flooring

  7. Terracotta/Natural Stone Tile Flooring

  8. Lime Oxide Flooring

Turnkey Projects


Discover our portfolio of sustainable building projects where we've harnessed natural materials and innovative techniques to create eco-friendly, durable structures that harmonize with the environment.

Explore how we've enhanced homes, community spaces, and commercial buildings, bringing our commitment to sustainability to life in every project.

Stone and CSMB brick Home in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu

Stone and CSMB brick Home in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu

CSMB and Rammed Earth Home in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

CSMB and Rammed Earth Home in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Interior with a central courtyard

Interior with a central courtyard

Yellow oxide flooring and exposed CSMB wall finish

Yellow oxide flooring and exposed CSMB wall finish

Exposed Brick Home in Kovilpalayam, Tamil Nadu

Exposed Brick Home in Kovilpalayam, Tamil Nadu

On-Going Projects
Reach Us

Reach Us

Tamil Nadu

Our current batch of projects is fully booked. Discussions for the next batch will commence in the first week of August 2024. If you are interested in engaging our services for the construction of your natural building, please contact us via the email address provided above. We are currently considering projects that have a minimum built-up area of 2,500 sq. ft.

Our Services

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